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WildFlower Garden


Black Hill Conservation Park 




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Site Description

The remnant of the historic Wildflower Garden and immediate surroundings. One of transition areas of the park, spanning high quality vegetation but also including significantly modified areas including an old quarry. 

What this project protects

There are a number of orchid species within the site, together with silver daisy bush, downy mint bush, narrow leaved wax flower, all of which have conservation significance and under threat from the edge effect of the park.

Lemon Sun Orchid (Thelymitra Antennifera)

Our Focus

We continue to contain the species introduced into the wildflower garden, stopping their spread into the  higher conservation areas of the park and protecting the locally vulnerable species. In addition we add locally native species to the garden and maintain the amenity of the area.

Community planting day at the Wildflower Garden, July 2020

Donations to the Black Hill Free a Tree project will save significant trees and help protect this project site.


How to get involved

Regular bushcare events are held the first and third Sunday of each month at this site, check the calendar for details. 

Volunteer Stories

My name is Belinda and I have been a member for more than a year. I normally volunteer at the Wildflower Garden. I often go on bush walks at Morialta and Black Hill, and I wanted to give some of my time back towards preserving the native wildlife. I love learning about the local native plant species, especially the smaller, delicate orchids and lilies that I never noticed before on my regular walks.