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Who we are


Friends of Black Hill & Morialta is a not-for-profit charity which has been protecting and restoring native vegetation in South Australia since August 1986. We are a community based conservation group providing volunteer help to the National Parks and Wildlife Service of South Australia by hosting regular restoration events, hosting community education events, implementing projects intended to conserve and preserve natural reserves, conducting research and field investigation, fundraising for projects and cooperating with entities which have similar aims.

Our projects protect native habitat through restoration programs and engage with community by providing fun and educational events.

Cultural Training

Our primary objective

To conserve, protect and restore Black Hill, Morialta and Horsnell Gully Conservation Parks for native species. You can learn more about all our objectives documented in our constitution.

Our mission

To restore damaged and fragmented habitat through restoration; conserve the biodiversity and cultural heritage of the parks, share knowledge, raise awareness and learn from our work.

Community Planting Day

Our structure

Friends of Black Hill & Morialta is an Incorporated Association Australian listed on the Register of Environmental Organisations and the Australian Charities and Not-for-profit Commission. We are a 100% volunteer organisation administered by a committee. Our ABN is 98 370 914 984.

We are just one group in a whole community of Friends of Parks groups and affiliated groups which exist throughout South Australia. They are comprised of community based volunteers who work in partnerships with the Rangers in their local National, Conservation and Recreational parks.

Community Bushcare Day

Climbers at the Crag Care site

Spring walk with Biology Society of SA

Working with 4WD Adventurer Club members

Danny McCreadie

Our Logo

Our logo is the nationally endangered Mount Lofty Ranges Chestnut-Rumped Heathwren.

The main reason the group chose the Mount Lofty Ranges chestnut-rumped heathwren to be its logo is as it is a nationally endangered species which the parks ecologists believe to be dependant on our three parks for its survival in the Mount Lofty Ranges. The Central Hills area is its best remaining stronghold and without our parks it would most likely disappear from the Ranges and thus South Australia all together. It has been identified by Birdlife Australia as one of 20 Australian bird species most likely to become extinct in the next 20 years.

Unfortunately for the heathwren, much of its heath-dominated habitat has become fragmented as heathlands have been cleared for agriculture and rural residential development. The remaining habitat is threatened by weed invasion. The heathwren is a small, shy and secretive species and is generally considered to be sedentary. This means it is not believed to be able to disperse well into new or different areas. Its very nature makes it a species which is not well known to the general public, we hope through our work to introduce more people to this species and to encourage greater community support for safe guarding its future. 

Given the vulnerability of this bird to extinction the works we do in all three parks improving and increasing habitat is vital for its survival.