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Moores Road Project


Morialta Conservation Park


31 Ha


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Site Description

Moores Road runs from West to East through the top of Morialta. The Project site extends in to Stringybark (Eucalyptus obliqua and Eucalyptus baxterii) and Pink gum (Eucalyptus fasciculosa) forest on both sides of the track for approximately 50 to 100m and it includes a large area on the western corner of the Moores Road, Rocky Hill Track intersection.

What this project protects

This Project sits within the Eucalyptus obliqua (Stringybark forest) at the top of Morialta Conservation Park in the heart of vital habitat for endangered southern brown bandicoot and chestnut-rumped heathwren. This area supports a huge variety of plants, fungus, animals, reptiles, birds and insects that live their lives in this area. This includes not often seen smaller mammals such as the common ringtail possums, bush rat, short beaked echinda  and the vulnerable yellow-footed antechinus.

bush rat (Rattus fuscipes)

Our Focus

The main focus of our work is a weed of national significance called boneseed which can be found scattered throughout the area. Smaller plants can be hand pulled in the winter months, and larger plants (stem greater than 1cm diameter) are treated with the cut and dab method to reduce soil disturbance. There are also low numbers of buckthorn (Rhamnus), small feral olives and South African daisy, mainly along the creek lines in the gullies.


Donations to Morialta Conservation Park’s Bandicoot Habitat Protection fund will help protect this project site

How to get involved

Due to the nature of the project new volunteers must be partnered to go out with experienced volunteers to work in this site. You can check out all our upcoming events on our calendar or contact us if you have a particular interest in this site. 

Volunteer Stories

Hi, I’m Danny, and I have been visiting Morialta since my Dad took me to the park in the 1970s. I enjoy photographing the wildlife in the park both as a record of what is there and as a way of informing others about the importance of preserving the small areas of natural bushland that still exist.

 Hi, I’m Kate. I joined the FOBHM team in 2019 as way of giving back to the beautiful parks that I love spending time in. I am currently focusing on freeing the base of third falls, and the creek-line downstream, from invasive weeds. This friendly and supportive group have already taught me so much about habitat restoration, plant conservation, and identifying our native flora. It is so rewarding to see the native flora and fauna return to a site that you have worked so hard to restore.