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Crag Care


Morialta Conservation Park


7.75 Ha


May 2014 
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Site Description

The Crag Care site covers approximately 8 Ha, and is characterised by a long cliffline, bounded by steep wooded slopes, extending down to the riparian zone around Fourth Creek. It consists of some high quality woodland containing the endemic Pink Gum (Eucalyptus fasiculosa), and the South Australian Blue Gum ( Eucalyptus leucoxylon) and Drooping Sheoak (Allocasuarina verticulata), over areas of high quality understorey. It also has a variety of rocky habitat inhabited by a number of different species. It was established to both protect this highly varied habitat, and give climbers, who frequently use the area, a chance to contribute to improving the quality of the park for all. The project is a collaboration between the Climbing Club of South Australia and the UniSA Rock Climbing Club and is wholly contained within the Morialta Conservation Park.


What this project protects

This project protects an unusual steep rocky habitat, used by birds, reptiles and insects. It includes some areas of high quality bushland which abound with lilies and orchids in spring. It conserves a healthy population of the rare narrow-leaf ray-flower (Anthocercis angustifolia) which is endemic to South Australia.
Narrow-leaf ray-flower

Our Focus

The project has two focuses, improving access to the climbing crags for climbers and improving the native vegetation for native species. This involves reducing the incursion of  Mediterranean olive (Olea europaea) and blackberry (Rubus sp) which block access routes and smother native species. Works are also performed on boneseed and other pest species.

Pushing back blackberry

Donations to Morialta Conservation Park’s Bandicoot Habitat Protection fund will help protect this project site

How to get involved

Come out and join us for a habitat restoration event, generally held the 2nd Sunday of odd months. Verify the upcoming events on our calendar.

Volunteer Stories

My name is Annie, and I believe that volunteering to help remove invasive species and allow natives to regenerate is incredibly important. I can see the difference that our work makes to the environment, and as someone who spends a great deal of time rock-climbing in Morialta, I believe it's the responsibility of everyone who uses this land to protect and preserve it both now and for future generations.

My name's Kylie. I've been rock climbing at Morialta for over half my life and my love of the Australian bush goes back to my childhood at Cobbler Creek, family outings and being in Girl Guides. As you can probably relate, it's so restorative to be out in nature after the working week. So it's fitting for me to be a part of Crag Care, to contribute something to the health of our beautiful park. I've seen the fabulous results of olive poisoning, blackberry clearing and other week control happenings. I hope our care of the bush and ecosystems will be helpful in the face of climate change, and for future generations to enjoy.

Hi, my name is Ross. I enjoy adventure sports and I volunteer with FOBHM as a way to give back to the environment I love, and spend time outdoors. Learning about our native flora and fauna whilst helping the bush regenerate has been a truly satisfying experience. Being involved with FOBHM has made me more aware of the environment and makes me think, yes we can make a difference.