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Horsnell Gully Conservation Park

Area: 137Ha         

Declared: 1947

Species Information

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What makes this park special?


Horsnell Gully is a secluded gem overshadowed by our far better known parks in both size and popularity, but those who know it have discovered it has many hidden treasures. It retains one of the best preserved waterways in our parks which can be accessed by a walking trail which is rarely busy. The top of the park has an extensive area of endangered Mount Lofty Ranges chestnut-rumped heathwren habitat which has an explosion of wildflowers in spring. Thanks to an eagle-eyed walker we have captured images of the state rated vulnerable yellow-footed antechinus on our wildlife cameras. Walking through the park can be noisy at times with the many special woodland birds that live there calling to each other and vulnerable yellow-tailed cockatoos screeching overhead. 

The wildlife within the park is not as well documented as our other parks, so there remains the exciting possibility of finding previously unrecorded species there. We have already discovered a number of threatened plant species, including dusty miller, pink ground berry and native raspberry and a few species which can’t be found in our other parks such as Mount Lofty phebalium and orange bell creeper.

Greg Dawson
Chestnut-rumped heathwren

Mount Lofty phebalium (Leionema hillebrandii)
Danny McCreadie
yellow footed antechinus

orange bell creeper (Marianthus bignoniaceus)

Visiting this park?

You can find information about visiting this park on the National Parks and Wildlife Service South Australia website

You can also find information about different walks on the Walking SA

Donations to Horsnell Gully Conservation park’s Chestnut-Rumped Heathwren Habitat protection fund will help protect this park.