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Black Hill Conservation Park




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Site Description


The project area comprises of two distinct sites. The Orchard Trail site that winds up a creek line on the eastern edge of the park. It encompasses the only permanently moist sheltered gully within the park and it ends at an ephemeral waterfall. The second larger area spans the Quarry Track. From its entrance on Monatcute road it runs past old quarry benches and straddles a part of the Yurrebilla trail ending at a sharp bend where there is a NPWS compound.

What this project protects

The Orchard Trail site being so unique protects a number of rated species. This includes an extensive population of native raspberry (Rubus parvifolius), rated as rare in the Adelaide Hills, and a colony of Austral indigo (Indigofera australis), which is rated as near threatened in the Mount Lofty Ranges. This area is a haven for birds in the hotter months. 

The Quarry track area of the project site has been extensively modified in the past by the quarrying activity. It lies at the base of a small silver banksia (Banksia marginata) woodland on the Yurrebilla trail and includes a soak which has a population of the rare woolly tea tree (Leptospermum lanigerum). The northern slopes of the Yurrebilla trail have a high quality herbacious understory and it includes many clasping goodenia (Goodenia amplexans) which is plant endemic to South Australia.

Native Raspberry (Rubus Parvifolius)

Our Focus

The Orchard trail site has had extensive work done on it in the past by the members of the ARPA walking group. It is still visited by volunteers to remove any blackberry, Mediterranean buckthorn (Rhamnus alaternus) and broom and NPWS trails volunteers have commenced works on the perriwinkle at the park entrance.
The Quarry track is under threat mainly from woody weeds. Our focus is on controlling rhamnus and ash to prevent them spreading further and taking nutrients and water from our native vegetation.

Mediterranean Buckthorn (Rhamnus Alaternus)

Donations to the Black Hill Free a Tree project will save significant trees and help protect this project site.


How to get involved


Regular bush rehabilitation events are held for this project on the second Thursday of each month, check the calendar for details. 

Volunteer Stories

I’m Chreena and I have been volunteering in the parks since I retired about 10 years ago. It is just amazing to work on a site which is full of weeds one minute and full of regenerating natives the next. I also really love the chance to get out and meet people and to know that in retirement my time is still valuable as I give back to the parks I love. 

My name is Reg and I have been bush walking for 65 years, I love being out in the fresh air and meeting other active people. When I retired I joined the ARPA walkers and was introduced to the Montacute Valley site in 1996. I enjoyed the challenge of learning about native plants, identifying weeds and attending training courses.

It is important that we maintain the native habitat for the many birds, frogs and lizards identified in the park and encourage members of the public to visit and enjoy the natural environment.