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Morialta Conservation Park

Area: 584Ha         

Declared: 1915

Species Information

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What makes this park special?


Morialta is well known to visitors for its majestic quartzite gorge and the 3 waterfalls you can visit along the walking trails, but did you also know it is home to the nationally endangered southern brown bandicoot? In fact this park is home to more than one endangered fauna species with the Mount Lofty Ranges chestnut-rumped heathwren also calling it home!

Situated as it is between the two other conservation parks we care for, Black Hill and Horsnell Gully, and a number of privately held lands which are managed for wildlife, the habitat remaining within Morialta provides a home to more threatened species than any of the other parks under our care. It is home for the nationally vulnerable Bassian thrush; state rated endangered Cunningham’s skink; state rated vulnerable yellow-tailed black cockatoo and yellow-footed antechinus and a whole host of different declining woodland birds.

It is also teeming with many other forms of life. Fish, frogs, lizards, bats, possums, snakes, insects, echidnas, native rats, kangaroos and koalas all call it home. At the heart of all this life are the many and varied flora species. So many things that make this park special!

Greg Dawson
Mount Lofty Ranges chestnut-rumped heathwren
Hannah Fairbairn
southern brown bandicoot
veined helmet orchid

Cunningham’s skink
Visiting this park?

You can find information about visiting this park on the National Parks and Wildlife Service South Australia website

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Donations to Morialta Conservation park’s Bandicoot Habitat protection fund will help us protect this park