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Third Falls Track


Morialta Conservation Park


18.1 Ha


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Site Description

The Third Falls Track runs from the park entrance at gate 10 on Moore’s Road to the top of Third Falls on the Fourth Creek. The Project site extends into Stringybark forest on both sides of the track for approximately 50m to 100m, transitions into South Australian blue gum forest and includes the riparian zone habitat above Third Falls.

What this project protects

This Project sits within the Eucalyptus obliqua (Stringybark forest) at the top of the Morialta Conservation Park.
This is critical habitat for endangered southern brown bandicoots and chestnut-rumped heathwrens.
Whilst these are the headline species, we must not forget the huge variety of plants, fungus, animals, reptiles, birds and insects that live their lives in this area.
Danny McCreadieYellow-footed antechinus

Our Focus

Work continues on this Project of high quality bush, and as suggested by the title, it is now at a stage where weeds are low in numbers and weed patrols, a couple of times a year, are used to identify and remove individual weeds. In this way the gains we have made are not lost. Our major focus has always been on the Montpellier and English broom species, even though significant stands of these weeds have been removed these weeds are still our primary focus. Additionally of paramount importance is the small muraltia furze seedlings still germinating and flowering. This weed is little known out side the Norton Summit area but has the potential to have devastating effects throughout Adelaide and the Mount Lofty Ranges if allowed to spread.
Montpellier Broom

Donations to Morialta Conservation Park’s Bandicoot Habitat Protection fund will help protect this project site

How to get involved

Due to the nature of the project new volunteers must be partnered to go out with experienced volunteers to work in this site. You can check out all our upcoming events on our calendar or contact us if you have a particular interest in this site.

Volunteer Stories

Hi my name is Sam. I volunteer with FOBHM to give back to our parks that I bushwalk & climb in. I've enjoyed getting out to the working bees & it has been great learning about native plants, identifying weeds & putting measure’s in place to control the impact of them in our parks. Working around 3rd falls clearing the creek line of blackberry has been very rewarding to see the progress we have made & can’t wait to see the native plants to return to the area.
I continue to support this wonderful group & encourage more young people to get out there & enjoy what these parks have on offer.

Hi, I’m Sarah and I volunteer as I am passionate about protecting our environment and making sure that native species are protected long term. It has been such a rewarding experience being part of an equally passionate community working to give native vegetation a chance to regenerate in The Parks. I encourage more young people to do the same!