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Fox Dam Track


Morialta Conservation Park


6 Ha


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Site Description

This project protects a South Australian blue gum woodland (Eucalyptus leucoxylon ssp leucoxylon woodalnd which is a poorly represented vegatation association within the park. This woodland remains one of the better quality SA blue gum woodlands in the area.
The Gate 8 Site is the entrance to Morialta Conservation Park off Montacute Road. The entrance gateway area has been severely infested and degraded where the weeds have taken advantage of disturbance to the landscape caused by access roads and extensive quarrying activities in the past.

What this project protects

This project protects the highest quality SA blue gum forest in the park. It is home to clasping goodenia (Goodenia amplexans) which is a species endemic to South Australia and regionally uncommon.
This year we have seen numbers of small Hibberta, Goniocarpus, Vittedinia, Clematis, Arthropodium, Wahlenbergia and Austrostipa recovering.
clasping goodenia (Goodenia amplexans)

Our Focus

This Project aims to tackle a significant threat to the Park as a whole from the dispersal of weeds being brought further into the park from the entrance area.  A weedy park entrance provides an abundant seed source that can then be carried further up into the park on boots, paws and tyres.
The focus of the project is to remove weeds from the edge of the track. Near the entrance gates weeding work has included at least 35 different weed species, including olive, broom, boneseed,  Rhamnus, scabious, dog rose, Tangier pea, and vinca. Work to ensure these species are prevented from moving further into the park continues with the aim of allowing the native plants to reestablish, and to reclaim the area.
Tangier pea

Donations to Morialta Conservation Park’s Bandicoot Habitat Protection fund will help protect this project site

How to get involved

Due to the nature of the project new volunteers must be partnered to go out with experienced volunteers to work in this site. You can check out all our upcoming events on our calendar or contact us if you have a particular interest in this site.