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Website upgrade

John Fleming & Liz Milner | Published on 6/27/2021

Website Upgrade - tips and challenges


By now we hope you are well aware the new website went live 3rd June 2021. We know some folks have logged in and so far we have received a resounding thumbs up. Have you got any feedback for us? Is there anything you think we're still missing?

Pre-registering for events is so much easier now. If you have filled in your emergency contact details in your membership record each time you login and register for an event they will be automatically entered and stored for that event, instead of the old system of having to enter them every time. Hopefully this will help make the whole management of volunteers easier for all concerned and less paperwork on the ground.

Interested in knowing more about committee meetings, getting to know the constitution or reading some old newsletters in the archives? All of these can be found in the documents library. To access them select About Us -> Document Library from the drop-down menus once you have logged in.

Any website is a constant work in progress. This is particularly true of our species lists. These are the lists of verified sightings which are maintained under each park; you can find links to them from each park page. In order to go live we have loaded the lists for Black Hill Conservation Park, however you may have noticed some of the Morialta and Horsnell Gully list are still to be updated and currently link back to the old website.

The original species lists were sourced from the National Parks and Wildlife services management plans and only had land based vertebrate animals, native plants and weeds. There were no spiders, insects, fungi, fish or waterbugs. No lists existed at all historically for Horsnell Gully as there has never been a vegetation management plan created for this park.

We now have an opportunity to compile lists from a greater range of resources, with data being collected by a wide range of individuals and agencies. This is where you come in! If you see a gap in the species lists on the website, or have a photo of something marked with "No image available" you would allow us to use on the website, please let us know. Even better, if you know the location the image was taken, log on to and post your sightings and also let us know you have added a species. Together we can have a much greater coverage than as individuals. We are still looking for images for many species - it is amazing how many weeds we've never photographed!

We also have interest in your feedback about the way the other species lists are presented. The animals have a "contents" page where links to different options are available, such as birds, reptiles or mammals. Is this the best way to present this information?

How would you like to see the plants lists presented? Should the natives and weeds all be one list? Would you like to see them broken down further into categories like the reptiles have been, or would you prefer an over-arching plants "Contents page", as with the animals? Categories could be approachable, like ferns, daisies, etc. Do you have any categories you'd like to see separated? Or would you like to see something completely different? We are interested to hear from you how you use these lists. What format/s would be useful to you?

The last thing we'd like to raise with you is the way the historic information about our projects sites is presented. At the moment any projects which had a page on the old website link back to our old website, but how should this information be presented?  Should any of this information be hidden from public view and available to members only?

Please let us know what you think. or

Animal contents page layout

Reptiles page in categories

Bird page not categorised