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2022 Pylon Track Report

Ben Brice | Published on 6/30/2022

2022 Pylon Track Report

Site Description:
Covering some 40ha, the Pylon Track project site is a Stringy Bark (Eucalyptus obliqua, Eucalyptus baxteri and Eucalyptus fasciculosa) heathland with a rich variety of understorey species over sandy loam soil at the top of Morialta Conservation Park.

What this project protects:
The Pylon Track project protects many amazing threatened species. This is the heartland of habitat for the nationally endangered southern brown bandicoot in our parks. It is also known habitat for the endangered Mount Lofty Ranges chestnut-rumped heathwren (see our logo!). Both of these species need high quality understorey and ground cover to survive. Additionally the location is a known breeding site for the state rated vulnerable yellow footed antechinus and yellow-tailed black cockatoo.

Our work at the Pylon Track site has progressed to the stage where the quality of the habitat is so high that threatened species habitat is much improved from when we first started working there. The highest priority of the project is to contain the emerging weed Muraltia. We have a long term aim of eradication of this weed. The project also requires a patrol through the area every one to two years to ensure the gains already made are not lost, so we check the site to make sure no weeds are re-establishing in the project area.

2022 bushcare:
A bushcare event was held 27 March 2022 for experienced bushcarers only. 7 bushcarers attended, splitting into three groups following creek lines to sweep the area and remove weed seedlings including blackberry, African daisy, broom, boneseed, gorse, Rhamnus and erica. Locus Maps was used to trace the steps of bushcarers to identify the area covered and highlight areas to return to. Of particular note was a previously worked patch of Erica where numerous seedlings were removed, and patch of Rhamnus and English Broom these sites will be returned to.

2022-23 planned bushcare:
Regular sweeps of the area will be worthwhile to ensure continued management of the site. In particular, returning to the above-mentioned Erica and Rhamnus/broom site.A Spring sweep is planned for 25 September. All experienced bushcarers are welcome.

Ross Christian