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Free Trees

Ray White | Published on 3/31/2023

Free trees to help the planet


The Fourth Creek Catchment Group has over 200 river red gum (Eucalyptus camaldulensis) seedlings as tube-stocks to give away in lots of 2 to 10 trees per property. Their provenance is Norton Summit. Carefully consider where you plant them as they can grow to 40m tall and 15m diameter under ideal conditions. They are not fussy as to soil type, except they dislike calcerous clays. They tolerate a wide range in rainfall, from 0.5m to 1m, and in a low rainfall area need either seasonal flooding or a high-water table. Consider planting them in areas that flood and later dry out as they like the moisture variation such, for example besides water-courses and drainage lines. If they get too dry, they cut off sap supply to a limb, which often dies and drops off when least expected, sometimes in the wind and often on a hot summer day, so do not plant them near houses, sheds, fences or driveways. Every property should have at least two, but just not in the front garden. Plant into a staked “corflute” guard and water them twice during their first summer.


The timber is good for fire-wood, the hollows are good for wildlife, koalas like the leaves, the pollen and nectar are both attractive to bees and the honey is excellent. ABC’s Science recent survey of citizens showed they are Australia’s most iconic trees. They grow all over the country except in the central deserts. Mature river red gums are so majestic growing along the water-courses in the Flinders Ranges and where would Hans Heysen be without his signature paintings?


Please place your order ideally via email or phone 0428 842 037 or 0400 835 335.

You will automatically be allocated your trees, i.e. you will not be notified at the time of order, provided you are early enough. Once they have all been allocated, latecomers will be notified that they have missed out. 


Pick up your free trees from Moores Road, Norton Summit anytime during April 2023. Please call one of the above numbers one hour before arriving to make sure someone is home and get the street number. “First come, first served”.