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Fox Dam Report

Paul Farmer | Published on 10/1/2023

Fox Dam Track report 2022/23.

Fox Dam 2023
Volunteer work has been underway along the Fox Dam Track for a number of years, and consists of three main sites. This area of the park contrasts with the Main valley with different soil types, historical use and fire management.

The first area includes the track edges, between Gate 8 and Moore’s Rd.
Follow up work continues along this section, with treatment of olive, boneseed, rhamnus, African daisy, boxthorn and scabious.
Areas around this project are currently being managed by the Fire Crew, who are treating similar weeds across the wider area. It is great to see the reduction in weeds and the steady return of the bush.

The second area is around Gate 8, the main entrance to the track.
Work here includes regular patrols to find and treat scabious, seedling olive, thistle, tangier pea, bridal creeper, aloe etc. Weed fronts have been established on watsonia and periwinkle. This is a tough area and the first goal of reducing weed seed along Track edges has been achieved.

The third area, is along the eastern slope.
Working east from the gate has resulted in the discovery of an area of excellent Eucalyptus over an intact Hibbertia understory community. Fortunately the olives are not well established (possibly due to the steep ground). Careful work here continues to remove medium olives. An 3m x 3m patch of Ornithogalum is in this area and been treated for 3 years. Numbers are decreasing each year.

The project started with a focus on reducing the threat to the Park from trackside weeds, and now includes some unique associations.
Total time on this project over the last 12 months is 40 hours.
The plan for 2023/24 is to continue this work.